Saturday, 23 November 2013

Spare the spoilers? Spoil the child....

Some people get really bothered by other people posting details of shows they have seen and enjoyed.  This missive is to those people.  Its a kind of "I'll give you something to cry about" type post, so if you are one of those bothered people, stop reading.............. NOW!  

(Spoilers may follow, so run along now...)

First of all, Oh my good lord, you whining, self centred, passive aggressive children!!!!

Since you are so keen on exercising your choice NOT TO WATCH WHEN EVERYONE ELSE DID, maybe exercise the choice not to read the comments and posts about it.  See, while you are taking time to read them, you could have chosen to WATCH THE BLOODY THING!!

Now I get that some people might have a legitimate reason for not watching the programme live, when its on telly, like the rest of us plebs.  Those reasons might include being at work, being operated on, and being kidnapped by Somali pirates.  They don't include "I want to watch it with my friends later"  "I'm going to a party instead" or "I want to watch it at my leisure, when I'm ready, OK?"  

Legitimate reasons for missing the live broadcast usually mean you won't have access to spoilery comments either, and I'd expect you to watch at the earliest convenience, if you are bothered about watching it spoiler free.  Otherwise, if you aren't that arsed about watching it, then don't be so arsed about reading spoilers, DUHHH!

Choosing to be somewhere else, or to watch it when YOU fancy does not then entitle you to whine on and insult people who have already watched it, loved it and wish to share their enthusiastic comments.  Those people don't have to cow tow to your choices and/or your preference to watch it later.  They don't have to not mention their favourite bits just because you haven't seen it yet.  Expecting people to avoid mentioning plot details out of some misguided idea of courtesy is id-ish in the extreme, and comes from some odd feeling that the world should revolve around your needs and wants rather than its own.

The age of chivalry is dead and good riddance, as it existed usually so that anal retentive rule makers could impose ridiculous rules on others to fit their idea of what they thought was right.  Opening doors for ladies - rule set up by some bloke who wanted to show women they needed help and he was there to provide it.    A Gentleman never tells -  rule set up by someone who isn't getting any, so that they can imply that they are.  Children should be seen and not heard - rule set up by selfish parents to keep their kids in line.  and finally - Don't disclose spoilers online - rule set up by folk who want to watch stuff later and believe everyone else should scurry round their choice and not talk about shows like they want to in case they spoil it for the rule makers.

Sorry, but I've never been much for rules which cater for the rule makers only and don't benefit the rest of us.  

In conclusion, stuff your spoiler whining right up your tight whinging arses, I'll discuss what I want online and I expect you to be active in choosing NOT TO READ and not be passive and expect me not to write.

Grow a pair, for goodness sakes, ya big babies.

Dais.   (with due respect)

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