Saturday, 26 February 2011

Shiny Black Plastic Smartphones suck donkeys. EOM

Well, not quite EOM since I'm now going to rattle on like a narky grandma about why I'm so damned unsatisfied with the new Smartphones coming out.

I just compared my Nexus One (The supposed google phone failure???) to the latest HTC Desire S handset. Its the same, except for some updated GSM stuff like HSDPA, HSUPA improvements, and BT3. After 13 months? Seriously?

The same chip, well a second version but the same Snapdragon 1GHz, not a dual core or anything fancy.

Same camera - with added touch focus. Bet I could get that via a software update.

Same size, weight, screen (now S-LCD not AMOLED)

Some backwards steps even - no trackball, only in BLACK!!, so no classy brushed brown-grey metal or teflon coating. Dorks.

What in holy cock is going on at the design offices of these smartphone peeps, that they think Black is the new Black?

I reckon there are some serious S and M Fetishists running things, considering the amount of shiny black plastic flying around on these new devices. Its not that I want some chintz in its place or anything, just something a little less cheap and nasty looking.

So, Nexus One, my little failure (I KNOW, RIGHT!!!!) I love you still. I've had this phone for 13months now, and still I'm struggling for ANYTHING to make me switch. That, my techy friends, is bloody sad. Get your fingers out - I want more than just a bit of faster GSM potential (My signal is governed by flaky network anyway so it totally has an Asterisk next to that saying subject to a whole ass load of other factors.)

What I have to choose from currently is a whole load of black shiny plastic junk (well, thats on first glance...)

Xperia Arc - Good specs, and Sony have good cameras, but they mess with my OS too much, so i'm not that drawn... Plus no front camera or trackball

LG 3D - Oooh so 3D sounds like fun for a few hours out the box, but hardly a game changer for day to day for me anyways.

Nexus S2 - Again lovely specs but its a placky cheapo lightweight thing I wouldn't feel was worth the 600 quid I bet they will be charging (Could maybe get it on contract, but not without some huge monthly tarrif and endless minutes that I never use)

I just want something great to hold and efficient to use.

C'mon, money is burning a hole right now, stop licking the balls of the iPhone knobheads and give me something to yearn for. I'm looking at you, HTC.