Sunday, 31 October 2010

Twitter's Third Law.

Oh holy carp, Twitter, you need to get yourself some meds and calm down a bit.

I mean, Y'know, people do think stuff. Then these days, they might tweet it, or tell somebody in an interview, or blog about it or do a stand up routine about it, or put it in the papers or somesuch, and then you realise that its out there in the wild...

And y'know, sometimes, that stuff we think may well have been a bit illconsidered. Or borne of a particular mood, or time of day, or based on whether or not you managed to catch that bus, meet that deadline, get that job,or whether we got slagged off by complete strangers, asked a stupid question whilst in a flippant mood, Whether we've taken our meds on time, still stinging from being judged too quickly in the past, and so on. That is what makes it so damned readable.

And the ol "World and his Mate" suddenly has a chance to judge from a base of relative anonymity, with the all the consideration of a snap decision on a temporal bacon slicer. Plus World-And-His-Mate seems incapable of any kind of flexibility when it comes to those judgements - its like if you don't leap onto the judgement bandwagon quick enough and tell the other World-And-His-Mates exactly how you see it, you will be eaten by the darkness like in Never Ending Story.

But of course, World-And-His-Mates judgements are just as prone to being illconsidered and borne of all those other things I just yarked on about above. So much so that they likely just cancel out the Stuff someone else has thunk and shared which so angered or aroused the attention of the world and his mates.....

I just invented Twitter's Third Law.

AND as an avid reader of stuff people think, and of the judgements about stuff people think, you can usually feel pretty safe.

But as soon as you cross the line and share its a whole new story.

As a thinker, sharer and a judger, even if its just on Twitter, we're none of us so safe. We always know the World and His Mates might be waiting to leap on our thoughts and spew out that illconsidered judgement at us for a change.

Consider though, what a bloody sad place it would be if no one could be arsed to either share their Thinks or Judge other people's Thinks.

So what if Stephen Fry shared some stuff that folk were perturbed by - they jumped on it and spewed some illconsidered crap right back and the balance - in my eyes - was quickly restored.

Twitter, I do love your Thinks, and your judgements about Thinks, and I will continue to be brave and share some of mine, and judge other peoples, because in the end - Its just Twitter and it won't last long. Hell, not even long enough to wrap bloody chips in for gooness sakes.

Daized xx