Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I will KICK you in the twinkly fairy gif in a minute, beeyatch...

No but seriously.

I went on facebook once, and someone had sent me a cartoon semi sexy goth fairy with sparkly wings, spouting some shit about following your dreams and valuing friendships. Then it said some other stuff which I found frankly threatening - some bull about posting this as my status to show some other shallow halfwits that I care about them. Like if I don't post it, it means I'm a dried up friendless bitch? (sucks teeth)

Is that what its come to, people? That posting some overly elaborate, gaudy facebook bauble that Helen Steiner Rice would balk at is the thing to do to show the world you care?

Why the cock do you have to tell the whole bloody world anyway? Just tell the people that matter, surely. And even then, you likely don't need to say it. They possibly know. On account of you being there for them when needed, or helping out with the crap times by making a brew, or lending a fiver, or giving them a lift somewhere, or letting them borow your mascara - that kinda shizzle.

But the sparkly fairies though? Hey, if you LIKE those sparkly vagazzle headfucks, all power to you. I'm not gonna judge. I'm just pointing out that they are not really my thing, and the demands for reposting as my status willy nilly is frankly just ill thought out.

It *could* make you look like an eight yr old who is desperate to get everyone in her class to sign her My Little Pony Autograph book that she won for being a swotty and doing her homework first. Not saying it definately does (it does) but it could. (does)

Sooooo, how bout you keep the glitter bukkake to yourself where I'm concerned. I mean I don't come to your wall and post my stuff. Mainly because it may have long words and complex concepts, fewer pictures, and none of those animals with mahoosive eyes that look like they are suffering from some weird Mekon disease.

And once again can I stress that if that *is* the sort of thing you go for, please don't feel any the less for it.

Just don't tar me with the same shallow girlchild tweeness.

Kidding, its sweet. (twee)

Love you. (but only in a throw away, facebook stranger way, natch. Don't actually come to my gaff.)

Daiz xx