Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The one about taking responsibility for shit you cause...

Sheesh, scary bloody times. I know it wasn't just young male dissaffected, but can we please stop saying it was a cross section of society actually looting and vandalising - it wasn't, bar the odd utter dickwad that is now getting lots of news coverage to try and show something that isn't there - it was MOSTLY young male unemployed dissaffected youths.

So I think we are agreed that the mostly young male disaffected youths
* are having a whale of a time
* are fucking idiots
* have no respect for authority
* are having the most exciting time they have ever experienced
* have no concept of the consequences of their actions
* are jobless and fixated on getting "stuff"

Now, my previous carking on about the causes of the rioting and looting has got somewhat lost since many innocent angry folk see that as me making excuses for the perps behaviour - its not. But without finding and thinking about root causes we can't move on - its not excusing anything, okay. We are agreed, they are criminal fuckwits. Right now lets move on...

Lets have a looksee at what people have said about what might happen or have happened to cause, exaserbate, add to, make all this shit happen now, in this climate, during this government's tenure in no 10.

Here are some of the things I've heard folk blurt out during the last few days as possible solutions or causes etc.

"They are mindless thugs" - I don't think they ARE mindless, they know exactly what they want - STUFF, ecitement, something to do. solution must be education then, get them thinking about more than just acquiring stuff. but education budget is being cut right left and centre - Oh dear. Rethink that maybe?

"I see they aren't touching the bookstores - maybe if they read a book once in a while this wouldn't be happening!" - Library closures EVERYWHERE. Oh dear. Rethink that then, maybe

"They should try a stint in the army.." - Ohh but massive redundancies in the armed services and cuts to defence budgets.. Eek - Another rethink then?

"Why aren't they at youth clubs like I was when I was their age" Oh bugger, HUGE numbers of youth facilities closed in budget cuts. Fuck! Rethink?

"What about getting them more involved in their communities and local areas?" Ohh yes, good idea - erm looks like lots of initiatives to do that, set up under labour, have been just stopped. No after school clubs, no extra funding for schools to do just that... Oh, fucking dear, indeed. Re mfucking Think needed. maybe?

"Bollocks to solutions, they need to be more scared of the consequences - they want locking up!" - Well, y'see, cuts to the already overstretched prison service mean fewer places for them to be locked up, or if they are, short sentences are all we can afford after the cuts so... rethink, then.

"Make em do community service..." - Yep, but Social services and probation services for young offenders - ohhh they're stretched because of budget cuts and redundancies.

"Better into work programs or careers advice might have helped..." Again, in many deprived areas, businesses like Connexions who do that work have made massive redundancies due to local government cuts - in the place my hubby USED to work, Salford - 12 people cut to 4. Still maybe that isn't gonna impact, might be worth a rethink anyway?

"More police on the streets would have sorted this sooner" - Police. Huge Cuts. Bugger. And again, self explanatory - rethink.

Now then, people. Lets talk about responsibilities. Yes, these selfish little cunts need dealing with. They need to be able to take responsibility for their idiotic choices and criminal actions. But so do we. Its our responsibility to see that that they are dealt with. Its our responsibility to accept that the current climate does indeed have some bearing on what has happened and what will continue to happen to disaffected youth in this country. Its our responsibility NOT to simply say they are criminals and that is the end of it. Its our responsibility to look again at cuts to crucial areas that are going to make a difference as to how these little cunts CAN be dealt with.

Cameron? Clegg? Miliband? Beuller? Anyone? We need a fucking, big ass rethink....

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  1. Excellent blog, Dais, couldn't have put it better myself...