Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Android or iPhone - Its a political thing...

So, I think the choice between the iPhone and Android Phones may reflect your basic political leanings.

You are more likely to choose Android if...

You prefer to have more control over how things work, and be involved in making things better for everyone.

You like the idea of things being "open" and "In the public domain"

You like the fact that anyone can contribute to the whole "way things work", including sharing great ideas and ways to get things done, without too much red tape getting in the way.

You are looking for something that changes and progresses quickly, based on not just corporate ideas, but those of the community at large who want to be involved.

You like that there is the freedom to make your own impact, show individuality and be proud of the way you have things running.

You also like the fact that everyone else is allowed to do the same, and that no two set ups are exactly the same.

You cherish diversity and sharing knowledge.

You are more likely to choose iPhone if...

its important to you that other people think you have the best things out there.

You aren't so bothered about how things work, just that they do.

You are not so much concerned with who, how, why things are the way they are. That's something that other people decide.

You are proud that the things you have are seen as the market leaders, and that lots of effort has gone into making your brand image.

You like to identify with corporate and monetary successes.

You think that input from the common users should be regulated to ensure that the standards remain high.

You are happy to buy into something great, instead of having to make decisions for yourself.

You are a supporter of hard working people who get what they deserve for their money.

You think sharing, be it knowledge, ideas, wealth, things - leads to lazy people getting things they don't deserve on the back of your hard work.

You think people with the knowledge and ideas should show good business sense and get them trademarked, tied down and start profitting!!

So, which side are you on?

This blog was obviously written with about as much bias as there could be towards freedom, democracy and the android way :) xx


  1. my personal view is that Apple is a Cult and Steve Jobs is their leader, but thats just me (regor412, idk why it says roger)

  2. I love my new Windows 7 phone, but prior to that had 3 happy years with an HTC Android. Due a new phone in October.
    Really not sure what to get, just know it will never be an iPhone...