Friday, 14 January 2011

Book Of Eli Epic Twitter Review.


This twitter review was written in real time whilst watching Book Of Eli
Book Of Eli Tweet 1 - We're 20 minutes in, and he has eaten a cat and read a book fer a bit. Bag. Of. Shite. So. Far.

Book Of Eli Tweet 2 - He just did an impression of Wes Snipes in Blade. Now he's honing his image of the baddest Jehovas Witness EVAH!!!

Book of Eli Tweet 3 - Things might be looking up. Tom Waits just arrived.

Book of Eli Tweet 4 - Nope. Still shit. But I'll keep you posted if it changes. Don't hold your breath....

Book Of Eli Tweet 5 temptation falls in the path of "black Kwai Chang Caine" Not so much a tangled web, more a bit of a knot in some cotton

Book Of Eli tweet 6 - Can't believe I'm actually holding off waxing my tache for this....

Book of Eli Tweet 7 - I just wrenched all the tiny hairs out of my top lip as I thought it would be less painful than watching the film.

Book of Eli tweet 8 - He has a companion now, like a religious Dr Who. But shit.

Book of Eli Tweet 9 - He's no Samuel Jackson with the Bible Quoting. More like a bible episode of Jackanory. With Denzel as Derek Griffiths

Book Of Eli Tweet 10 - Why is this film so dark? Because it's up it's own arse.

Book Of Eli Tweet 11 - I just perked up at Francis De La Tour. Fucking Quality, but a bit like popping a diamond atop a curly turd.

Book Of Eli tweet 12 - arse, the diamond that was De La Tour just bit it. Looks like the sparkler sank beneath the bum egg without trace..

Book Of Eli Tweet 13 - Nice belly laugh from the big truck reversing with a beeping sound. Still, its no "Hangover"....

Book Of Eli tweet 14 - David At Dentist:On "Is this gonna be forever??" David At Dentist:Off

Book Of Eli Tweet 15 - Holy carp, now they're dragging folk from The Nexus to help out. Weak.

Book Of Eli Tweet 16 - Balls, he could be making any old shit up. Like Hurley in Lost rewriting the script for Return Of The Jedi!!

Book Of Eli Tweet 17 - Cool, the ultimate advert for the consumer society at the end - she's got it all on her iPod.

Book Of Eli Tweet 18 - Its OVER!!!! There ya go, I watched it so no one else has to...

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