Friday, 15 April 2016

Enough with the sighing already... *sigh*

Recently, I've noticed this wee word being used increasingly often at the end of posts, or as a comment on stuff people have shared.  Seems to be a thing.  And it scares me a little.

The sigh. A soft breath outwards. Signifying tiredness, relief, despair.  

It seems to be used to show a giving up, an admission of defeat.

To say You see what I have to put up with? or ask What else can I do?

Or to say Not this again, This is getting old, I'm so weary of all this crap.

You see?  See why that little word might be a bit fucking scary?

Are we really wanting to use that pathetic little word so bloody often?  Or is it just a lazy habit being overused without thinking?

I've seen this word used as comments on posts where a godamned motherfucking SIGH is perhaps the least needed response imaginable.  Like Sighs at the bullshit spouted by folk like Donald Trump or Katie Hopkins.  Sighs at some fools sexist or racist or homophobic (or if its Trump, all three) comments.  Sighs at Politicians denying their misdemeanors or decrying others misdemeanors. Sighs at people being judgemental, or ignorant or nasty or generally rude. Sighs as a comment on the growing trend for celebrating violence or terror or oppression. Sighs about the growth of inequalities or social injustice. Sighs because the world is changing in a way that people are unhappy with.

Sighs.  That weary soft breath outwards.   How in holy fuck is that the right response to anything other than the small stuff like stepping in dogshit or mislaying your keys?

But the things I'm seeing that are being "sighed" at - those things like the crap I just listed above?  So often they aren't the small stuff. They are a sign of a growing weariness at how much big stuff is being thrown at us.   But those big things, no matter how often or same old they might feel, they don't want Sighing at. They want screaming, slapping, protesting, shouting or swearing at.  They want riots in the streets, petitions, all out revolution in some cases -  but a sigh???

We need to sop with the Sighing. Its so bloody defeatist.
So very hipster.
So passive aggressive.

So lets not.

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