Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ebay sucks donkeys.

Right, ebay.  Time to speak my mind.

A few weeks ago, out of the blue I got an email from ebay saying I was banned from buying because of leaving low detailed seller ratings.

No warning, no negotiations, just cut off for 90 days.

I had very recently had a seller who was extremely awkward with me, after I won an item.  Told me he no longer had the item but only after I mailed after a week to see if it had been posted.  I then had to request a refund, he didn't offer one.  He told me it would be a week.  I waited a week, it never came.  Then I mailed and he said paypal was at fault and it would take another week.  So I opened a case to get my refund, which then came within 2 hours :)

I left him feedback.  It was neutral, and said he wasn't forthcoming with refund and didn't sell the item.

It was after this I got my ebay email, saying I had left low detailed seller ratings and was trying to undermine my competitors.  Confusing, since I sell maybe half a dozen bits and pieces every few months, usually in school hols when I have time to make sure things are posted.

Now, I feel it was likely a complaint from this guy, who thinks because I got my refund I should have just shut my trap.  My feeling is that feedback is to inform other buyers that the seller isn't all that, and may decide not to sell and mess you about on a whim.

The guy emailed to ask for the neutral to be removed and I said no, and he was lucky wasn't a negative.  That must've rattled his cage I think.

Anyway, I stand by my ratings, and giving stroppy sellers the ratings I think they deserve.

However, I have currently NO right of reply or redress with ebay.

Here's another nark though - I can't BUY on ebay, but I can still SELL - because of course MY seller ratings are very high across the board as I'm not a dick and dont refuse to sell something if it is won for less than I like.  Also, because ebay makes MONEY from sellers, not from buyers, they will let me sell.  As far as ebay is concerned, buyers are ten a penny, so it costs them NOWT to ban a few to keep their sellers happy.

The more I think about how ebay has treated this, the more annoyed I get.  And its just not good to keep things inside to fester so I'm blogging.  Feel free to pass on this moan about the online giant EBAY being a bit of a twat to the little folk.  I'll feel better and more like I've had a say.

Ebay, you are a bunch of anal retentive, money grabbing bureaucrats.  Your ethics stink of corporate interference and low morals.

Oh and no, I won't be selling either so you can't still sponge your ten percent from me.

Daisy xx

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