Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Here's a quickie

Some bloke on the news just been asking if all this moaning about David Cameron's Personal Photographer isn't just "nit picking"....

What irritates me hugely is the open favouritism displayed in the media at the moment towards the Government (I balk when I say that, truly) If we were talking about Ed Miliband here, the media would have a bloomin field day over it, but no, because its Davey Cameron its OK and the moaners are just nit picking.

Its not nit picking, its another sign that Davey Cameron is a shady git who constantly reminds me of some wanky head boy with a little gang of in crowders who think they can do what they bloody well like and the oiks better shut up about it. His photographer has been given a very cushy civil servant position which means I'm bloody paying his wages, instead of paying for someone actually useful. Not only that, but he didn't even go through interview, and the job was never advertised. God forbid we jump to "Jobs for the boys" though, as that'd be nit picking.

Yeah. Nit picking. Picking on a right nit. The human lice some disillusioned fools put into office (Because I certainly didn't do it!!) There are similarities I guess, in that he does make my flesh crawl and make me feel bloody lousy...

What a vain, conceited knobcheese.

Dayz xx

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  1. "Lousy" indeed, though it really shouldn't surprise anyone. The Tories must be having a great old laugh, like a pack of pirates given free ships and maps to all the treasure.
    Another good one, Dais, my compliments!